Who we are

We are a company of friends with an idea and a dream. The idea of creating excellent quality technology and the dream that one day we would become a great company.

Among the evenings to gorge on fries and drink home-brewed beer, between projects and circuits, KRIEG is born: a new concept of society, where everyone can be the leader. KRIEG introduces a new business model with a variable hierarchical scale, which bases its operations on internal volunteering. Everyone within the company can propose a project and it automatically becomes the head, anyone can decide whether to participate or not, the role of the individual is variable from project to project, and any profits are not related to the company but to the project in itself.

There is only one requirement to comply with: quality. They say "a brand, a guarantee" and for us they are right. In the last twenty years mass production has increased profits to the detriment of the quality of products. It is far more important for us to provide good technology than to give the world bad products.

Contact information

AddressVia degli Elleni 10,
Spezzano Albanese,
87019 - (CS),
Facebook fb.com/krieg.technologies

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