Release of “Signal Generator Suite V2.1”

In day  01/06/2019 was released a new version of Signal Generator Suite. This release includes: totally renewed graphic and so many features that make it today, the most advanced audio synthesis program.

Versions  1.1  and  2.0 were added a few days before the release of  2.1 , for this reason, we have preferred to communicate only the release of  2.1 .


# 2.1
– Introduced dBFS value for the amplitude
– Introduced dBRMS value for the specific wave amplitude
– Added “DC offset” feature in Basic wave and Sweep panel
– Added the choice between “Linear” or “Logarithmic” sweep in Sweep panel
– Added “Noise Generator” panel, and moved “White” and “Pink” noise to the new panel
– Added “Brown noise” and “Blue noise” to Noise panel
– Added “Advanced noise” panel, which combines basic wave and noise
– Added “DC Signal” panel
– Solved many bugs

# 2.0
– Renewed graphics and changed position for all things
– Added “Navigation panel” section
– Added 384.000Hz sample rate
– Maximum frequency increased to 100.000Hz
– Increased amplitude precision to 3 decimal places
– Setted default amplitude value to 0,5
– Added Sine Wave intermodulation support
– Added “Sweep Generator” panel
– Renewed graphics for “Instructions” form
– Corrected some file name output
– Corrected a phase inversion bug
– Corrected some minor bugs
– Reduced maximum period to 100 seconds, due to maximum array dimension allocable

# 1.1
– Added “Pink noise” algorithm and button
– Solved white noise file name bug

To download, go to  the product page.