➤ [12/07/2021] Presenting power filter Kratos

Today, the KRIEG Audio Department has released a new product: a filter and accumulator for power supply called Kratos.

Kratos is a power filter and charge accumulator for power supplies. In order to reduce the charge and discharge impedance of power supply output filters, Kratos has over 190 high quality parallel capacitors: perfect for very low noise and high precision applications, especially in audio. It includes a diode bridge, discharge resistors and film capacitors: for a total of approximately 10,000uF at 50V for each voltage branch, positive and negative (2 x 10,000uF).

Highlight specs:

  • 2 x 10.000uF 50V capacitance
  • Dual output voltage
  • Ultra low ESR: 0.0031 Ohm
  • Board size: 100 x 200 mm

The details and presentation of the product are available in the “Products” section of this site.

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