➤ [27/05/2020] Software replacement: MathBenchmark

Today KRIEG Technologies replaced the previous MathBenchmark software which was in console version, with new software, with the same name but in graphic and executable version.

The choice has important reasons: a GUI version executable is much easier for the end user to understand and use, also the console version did not have a very precise calculation time clock.

This was because the time calculation algorithm was fundamentally wrong: not implemented on the calculation itself but on the entire execution of the process.

The new version implements a correct time calculation algorithm, a new type of calculation and the possibility to stop the benchmark at any time. However, now the number of thread used is slightly higher: 256 threads.

As in the previous version, we have the calculation of pi and prime numbers. While in the current version the sine and cosine calculation algorithm has been transformed and improved into a more complex trigonometric calculation algorithm. In addition, a new typology has been added: calculations on logarithmic and exponential functions.

The download is now available from “Products” section of this website.

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