➤ [12/12/2020] Audio Department: presenting DeployBoard

Today, the KRIEG Audio Department has developed “DeployBoard”.

DeployBoard is a PCB optional board for Nemesis power amplifier modules.
Its purpose is very simple: to be plug and play. DeployBoard replaces all connection cables, with ready-to-use connectors and a housing for the heatsink.

It serves:

  • To greatly reduce the connection times of the amplification boards
  • To avoid heavy dissipating case
  • To reduce assembly costs
  • To speed up the application on the stand
  • To showcase the product

Installation is simple: Nemesis amplifier board must be inserted in the appropriate connectors, the board now is ready, the amplifier is ready to be connected to the load and the source.

The details and presentation of the product are available in the “Products” section of this site.

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