➤ [26/01/2021] Software release: LoudBox!

Today the software department of KRIEG Technologies released LoudBox!.

LoudBox! is a speaker box calculator program developed by Teo Toscano in collaboration with Diego Sartori (DiBirama).

Inserting basic Thiele and small parameters and setting sound speed and air density, the program will first calculate all remaining parameters, then suggest a box type for the speaker. The user will chose box parameters, then the program will calculate frequency response, box volume and tuning frequency.

The program can operate with a database of speakers, which can be downloaded separately. In order to function, the database must be placed in the same folder as the program. The official database is compiled with data provided by DiBirama (dibirama.altervista.org)

The download is available from “Products” page of this website.

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