DeployBoard is a PCB optional board for Nemesis power amplifier modules.
Its purpose is very simple: to be plug and play. DeployBoard replaces all connection cables, with ready-to-use connectors and a housing for the heatsink.

It serves:

  • To greatly reduce the connection times of the amplification boards
  • To avoid heavy dissipating case
  • To reduce assembly costs
  • To speed up the application on the stand
  • To showcase the product

Installation is simple: Nemesis amplifier board must be inserted in the appropriate connectors, the board now is ready, the amplifier is ready to be connected to the load and the source.

Highlight specifications

  • Board size: 136mm(L) x 200mm(W) x 102mm(H) (height includes heatsink)
  • Input signal connectors: RCA
  • Output signal connectors: banana 4mm
  • Supply voltage connectors: faston 4.8mm

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